Introducing a Relaxation Application : the “Keep Calm and…” app for your phone!

Introducing “Keep Calm And…” – an app for your mobile device that schedules relaxation into your everyday routine! This app will sync with your calender to find open slots in your day. It will then ask you to schedule time to relax. A second screen in the app will then be displayed which will show a dropdown menu of relaxation activities to choose from as well as a “Random” button that will randomly select from a database of preset relaxation activities. Once you have selected, the app will add it into your schedule by adding it as an event to your calender.


This app aims to solve the problem of too much stress in one week! It is effective in eliminating stress in that it specifically schedules time for the user to engage in relaxing activity. In turn, the user feels more relaxed. Additionally, the app is structured so that the user feels a sense of accomplishment upon relaxing because it is another “to-do” they can check off their list once the now-scheduled relaxation activity has been completed.
Mobile App: "Keep calm and..."


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