Relaxation in Review : Zak

Zak A. First – go to this link to listen to video game medley covers on piano to reeeelax you. It goes with the content of this post, just trust me.

Got it playing? Ok good now-

Meet Zachary Allison. Zak aspires to work in the field of technology, specifically with the computer – i.t. industry. You can find him juggling five classes up at Texas A&M or sitting behind his desk as an I.T. help person managing requests from customers. I’ve always known Zak to play video games in his free time and have always seen it as one of his favorite past times.

I was not too surprised when he informed me this was his relaxation activity but was curious to find out what about playing video games is so relaxing…here’s what I found.

Zak Allison said he sees playing any video game as relaxing and describes the activity as one that takes immediate effect.

“It’s (relaxing) more while I’m playing because it makes me care less about everything else at that time,” Allison said.

Allison describes his gaming technique of relaxation as one that has become instinctive. He says when he has  a major assignment or exam coming up, he immediately focuses his attention on what video game he is going to play before focusing on specifically what he plans to study. Surprisingly, Allison said, this creates an effect adverse to what most would expect. After he has engaged in gaming for awhile, he feels more level-headed and able to focus on studies.

“After we got a SEGA when I was a kid, is when I got into playing video games and realized it was my relaxing activity,” Allison said.

Zak Allison describes his stress level as a “1 and a half”

Here is his poem:

I like Haiku
They are simple poems.

Afterwards, Zak rated his stress level, and it actually went down to a “0.5,” yes that’s right, a half.

His reason : laughing at his own cleverness, “because the poem made me laugh!”

Well, laughing, I hear is relaxation therapy too folks, so laugh on, laugh on, but above all,

keep on keepin’ calm.



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