Relaxation wrap-up – relax, recharge, move forward

At the beginning of this blog, I mentioned poetry was my way to relax, and ventured to find other ways people relax. While I have discovered some fun ones, I still much enjoy writing – whether it is in poetic verse or just reflective summarization. I also enjoy the accompaniment of music. Check out some of my blogs I have written as a radio reporter here :

I much enjoyed discovering new ways to relax and finding out from my own friends and from strangers what puts them at ease.

From meeting an artist at SXSW this year, who likes to paint to both relax and express…

…to learning that aside from breathing exercises, my best friend likes to take time out to be a kid again…

…to enjoying a good meal with friends to relax…

…and to sometimes just enjoying the scenery, leaying still and relaxed in the grass…

This blog allowed me the opportunity to find new ways to find balance through relaxation. It allowed for more freedom of expression and the countless meetings of interesting people and new places.

All for now,
and remember, nothing to it but to KEEP ON keepin’ calm.



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