I am Monica Yvonne Solis, and people like to call me Moni. I am literally a small individual in a big world, but I pack a punch; I am always drawn to the arts, music, people with humor, and most of all, I am drawn to eccentricity. This makes for a life that I am constantly seeking adventure in, and a life that I am usually very outgoing in. I prefer it this way because I think we are all young in spirit and yet have much to share with the world – we should live with this in mind. But amidst the whirlwind of often self-induced adventures, a time to unwind can be good.

I feel no mater what kind of lifestyle you lead, a time to unwind, to relax, is absolutely essential to getting in tune with yourself.

A sense of balance or somewhat of a purpose, to me anyway, is created when my mind and body is at ease a little and not all over the place all the time!Relaxing…

Given the importance I place in this notion, I’ve decided to make this blog about what people actually do to relax.Come midterms, exams, meetings, reviews – we often find ourselves looking for ways to de-stress.Breathing techniques are a common result in your typical search engine…but what do people around us actually DO that makes them feel relaxed?

What do you do – perhaps a hobby, an outting, a meditation, anything – that at the end of that activity, you really feel better than you did before?

YOUR way of relaxing – this is what I’ll be investigating and sharing in the first half of the semester (this is beginning as a Mass Comm class assignment), and  the second half of the semester, I will be taking time to engage in your relaxation activity myself. It’ll be a way to connect because you are sharing something that is pretty exclusive and it’ll be a way for me to step out of my comfort zone by trying something perhaps new.

You can expect photographic documentation here of relaxation techniques and activities of people like you that I get to talk to. I will incorporate the use of widgets on here as well, and throw in some YouTube videos that relate to relaxing, and maybe help us all out a little!

I will soon post details of the way I intend to go about this semester-long investigation and engagement activity…but first, a little nap, you know, to relax…