Favorite destress blog pages

Hello all! I’ve decided to display a compilation here of some of my favorite WordPress blog sites, but not to be deterred, it is not a list of my favorites just to show off my interests! That would be much too long of a list and it would run the risk of not being that universally interesting. Instead, I’ve decided to include other blogs or specific posts relating to relaxation

A post on a few simple steps or thoughts to consider on cooling offhttp://stilettosandsweatpants.com/category/waistlines-wellness/

An advice giving piece from this guy’s blog titled An Entrepreneur’s Words to Live By, the advice piece discusses what to do to detach from the work frame of mind for a minute, from a personal perspective – http://anentrepreneurswords.com/2013/02/24/top-of-the-line-batteries/

“Say No to Stress,” a blog of interviews of how people define stress themselves, and of yoga techniques and practices! http://wordpress.com/#!/read/blog/id/39814280/

A post on “matters of the mind, body and spirit” – interesting perspective on self-actualization as a means to destress – http://wellnessonmymind.wordpress.com/the-minds-my-business/

A good, in-depth post on meditation, including videos and a few other links to meditation techniques – http://muffinsandmocha.wordpress.com/2013/02/13/meditation/





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