Relaxation nation – sites with tips, interactions and go-to actions to relax

“The Quiet Place Project” : This site has now become an app for both android and apple devices, as well as a Facebook app/page. Ironically enough, it promotes detaching from all the aforementioned devices in order to relax. It is an interactive app that engages you in easing your thoughts for a minute or two. Simple but meaningful, check it out!

“5 Weird Ways to Relax” : Exactly what it says!  This is a great article in Prevention magazine on five truly weird ways to relax…i.e. sniffing an orange, whooo!  And how perfect, it’s just five things to read, you know, for those of you on the go. 😉

“Relaxation downloads” : Don’t let the title deceive you. You do not have download anything unless you’d like to. You can just click on any link and play a clip; each clip contains a form of relaxation music with plenty of time for you to meditate in, or just listen to. Soak up the sounds of soothing.

Scene from the film "Almost Famous" ; scene of moving forward, venturing out, which can be considered a form of destressing

Scene from the film “Almost Famous” ; scene of moving forward, venturing out,  a form of destressing


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